• Skylights are typically installed out of reach, therefore it is assumed that ladders scaffolding or other equipment is being used to reach elevated places during maintenance and inspection.
  • Follow all equipment manufacture’s instructions for safe operation.
  • Use fall protection when applicable.
  • Know your safe working limits.
  • Falls from heights can result in serious injury or death.

Glass Cleaning

  • For best results avoid cleaning skylight during the hottest part of the day.
  • If there are multiple rows of skylights, start at the highest row and work down.
  • Begin by soaking the skylight glass with a clean water and soap solution loosening dirt and debris.
  • Next use a mild, non-abrasive glass cleaner along with a soft brush or other non-abrasive applicator to clean the glass.
  • The cleaning solution should immediately be removed with a squeegee or lint free cloth.
  • Use care not to touch any metal parts of the cleaning equipment to the glass or let any abrasive materials be dragged across the glass surface.
  • Do not use metal scrapers, blades or knives for cleaning large areas of glass as this practice can easily scratch and cause permanent damage to the skylight glass.

  • Scratches or damages to the glass as a result of scraping are not covered under any VELUX warranty.
  • For hard to remove spots like tree sap, label adhesive, paint or other construction material, a new 1” razor blade may need to be used on small spots only.
  • If a razor blade needs to be used, scrape only in one direction.
  • Back and forth scraping can trap abrasive materials under the blade causing scratches and possible permanent damage to the glass.
  • Cleaning your skylight as dirt appears will help prevent the use of scrapers.

Interior Cleaning

  • Most VELUX skylights have a white pre-painted, wood frame or maintenance free, ABS plastic frame and sash.
  • These surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • A mild, soapy water solution can be used for tougher dirt.
  • Insect screens in venting skylights can be cleaned by removing the screen and spraying the screen with a garden hose.
  • Let the insect screens thoroughly dry before replacing them into the skylightsMost VELUX skylights have a white pre-painted, wood frame or maintenance free, ABS plastic frame and sash.

Interior Painting

Pre-finished Wood Frames

Skylights with pre-finished wood frames need to be inspected annually. The finish that is applied to the wood surface is not considered a permanent coating. As with any finished surface it is subject to peeling, cracking or fading and will need to be re-finished/re-painted periodically.

  • To re-finish/re-paint the skylight interior wood surfaces, prepare the skylight by removing the factory finish. After ensuring that the surface is clean, apply primer to the wood. When primer is dry, apply a coat of water based acrylic varnish/paint (always follow finish manufacturer’s application instructions).
  • For paint or finish damages to larger surfaces of the wood, apply the technique described above.
  • Touch up paint for covering scratches to the wood surface is available from VELUX (part # 307408).
  • Keep all varnish/paint off of skylight gaskets and glass

Unfinished Wood Frames

Skylights with an unfinished wood surface needs to be painted, stained or varnished within 6 months of installation. Failure to finish bare wood can result in discolored wood, deterioration of the wood frame/sash and possibly lead to bowing and splitting of the wood.

  • After ensuring that the wood surface is clean, apply stain or primer to the wood. When primer is dry, apply a coat of water based acrylic varnish/paint (always follow finish manufacturer’s application instructions).
  • Keep all stain and paint off of skylight gaskets and glass.

It is not recommend to paint over abs (plastic) frames and sashes.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Rain will keep most dirt and grime off of the exterior surfaces.
  • The exterior cladding surfaces can be cleaned with a mild soapy water solution.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or cleaning equipment as this can scratch the finish on the cladding.
  • Rinse well with clean water.

Exterior Inspection

  • Keep all debris removed from around skylights.
  • Skylight applications with multiple skylights grouped together using gang flashing must have all vertical and horizontal gutters, between skylights, clear of dirt and debris.
  • Make sure all exposed fasteners are secure.
  • Inspect cladding and flashing for excessive wear or scratches on the cladding finish.
  • Scratches in the cladding finish may be fixed with touch up paint available through VELUX (part # ZOZ 154).
  • Damaged claddings or flashings should be replaced as soon as they are detected.


  • While performing maintenance on electrically operated venting skylights, turn the power off at the breaker box to avoid accidental injuries
  • Open skylights (then turn off power if electric) and wipe chain off using a clean, dry towel. Do not use any type of cleaner or solvent.
  • Keep debris clear of chain.
  • Manual skylights: Inspect the loop or crank handle to make sure the set-screw is secure.
  • The internal workings of the manual and the electric operators are considered maintenance free over the lifetime of the skylight.
  • Operators are pre-lubed and need no additional lubrication.


  • Condensation is not a skylight defect; it’s a result of atmospheric conditions inside and outside the home.
  • Condensation is the result of warm moist air coming in contact with a cooler surface, in this case, the skylight glass. Think of the glass of ice-water on a summer day and the “sweat” on the outside of the glass.
  • Since Mother Nature (outside conditions) can’t be controlled, condensation must be dealt with from inside the home.
  • For more on controlling condensation please refer to the condensation section of our site.

General Information

For replacement parts or glass, get the skylight serial number and contact a VELUX customer service representative for ordering information.
Locating the serial number will expedite the ordering process and ensure the correct parts are sent.

Refer our Product ID page to locate the skylight serial number.

Service or warranty issues

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