Installation help

The resources in this section are intended to help you in installing your VELUX skylights, roof windows, sun tunnels and accessories.

If you need detailed information, you can download our installation instructions (PDF) for complete step by step guides to specific products. Paper copies of these instructions are also included with every VELUX product.

Installation videos

Deck mounted

Curb mounted

SUN TUNNEL skylights

Installation methods

Skylights in the United States are installed using a variety of different installation methods. The preferred method generally depends on geographic location. To meet market demands, VELUX has developed products for the three most popular installation types. The pages in this section contain listings of VELUX skylights available for each installation method.
Deck mounted
Combine an insulated glass lens, pre-finished white wood frame and protective aluminum or copper cladding into one unit that mounts directly to the roof deck.
Curb mounted
Combine an insulated glass lens and maintenance free frame that is designed to mount directly to a site-built curb.
Combine an insulated glass lens and maintenance free frame that is a flashed unit with its own metal pan-flashed curb.

Installation instructions

Blinds installation

Finding an installer
VELUX installation services are available in some regions of the country. Ask your local VELUX dealer, or use our installer locator to inquire about installation service availability in your area. Or call VELUX solutions at 1-866-358-3589 to speak directly with a VELUX solutions representative.

Installing blinds yourself
If you prefer, you can also install your blinds yourself. VELUX blinds are designed to be easily installed in VELUX skylights and roof windows. Because VELUX blinds are sized to fit, installation requires only a few screws, with no cutting or adjustment of the blinds required. You can view the installations in the videos below.

All VELUX products come with easy to read, step by step illustrated installation instructions. PDF versions of instructions are also available for download using the dropdown menus to the left.

Blinds Installation videos

Blackout blinds
Light-filtering blinds
Venetian blinds
Blind adapter kit